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Essential Keyboard Shortcuts Everyone Should Know


 Essential Keyboard Shortcuts Everyone Should Know

Keyboard Shortcuts for YouTube

1. To pause a video: Press K.

2. To skip 10 seconds back and forward: Press J and L respectively.

3. To search videos from a specific user only: Type @ before you search.

4. To save your time watching videos: Press > and < to speed up and slow down the video respectively.

5. To view all keyboard shortcuts: Press ?

Keyboard Shortcuts for Google Chrome

1. To open Chrome’s built-in task manager: Press Shift + Esc. Extremely useful when Chrome freezes.

2. To remove specific suggestion: Select the suggestion, then press Shift + Delete.

3. To drag multiple tabs to a new window: Press Ctrl + Click on tabs you want to move. Do the same to move multiple tabs to an existing window.

4. To scroll horizontally: Press Shift + Scroll.

Keyboard Shortcuts For All Web Browsers

1. To access your address bar directly: Press F6 or Ctrl + L.

2. To access blocked web page: Go to Google Translate, paste the URL, select source language as other language, select destination language as the web page’s language, click Translate. Free web proxy.

3. To close a tab: Press Ctrl + W or Ctrl + F4.

4. To view articles with slideshows or multiple pages: Press Print or Ctrl + P.

5. To open all web pages of a bookmark folder: Middle click on the folder.

6. To reopen the last closed  tab: Press Ctrl Shift T.

7. Switch to the specified tab, counting from the left: Press Ctrl 1-8.

8. Switch to the last tab: Press Ctrl 9.

9. Switch to the previous tab: Press Ctrl Shift Tab.

10. To open a new tab: Press Ctrl + T.

11. To close the current tab: Press Alt F4.

12. To open Homepage: Press Alt Home.

More Keyboard Shortcuts will be updated soon. Keep visiting...

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