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Online Quiz #7 (BlueJ / Java)


              Online Computer Quiz - Part 7

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Topic :- Java

Java is an Object Oriented Programming language developed primarily by James Gosling and colleagues at Sun Micro Systems. This language was initially called Oak (named after the Oak trees outside Gosling's office).

James A. Gosling, (born on May, 1955, near Calgary, Alberta, Canada) is a famous software developer. In 1977, he completed his graduation as a B.Sc. in Computer Science from the University of Calgary. In 1981, he was honoured a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University. He developed many compilers and mail systems. Since 1984, he has been associating with Sun Micro Systems and developed Java programming language in 1991. He was also elected to the United States National Academy of Engineering for this achievement. In 2007, he was made an Officer of the "Order of Canada". which is Canada's highest civilian honour.

Details of Online Computer Quiz - Part 7

Name of Assessment

Online Computer Quiz

Assessment Type

Multiple Choice Question(MCQ)

Number of questions




Allotted time for each question

15 seconds

Guidelines for Online Computer Quiz (MCQ)

In this quiz, you will have four options. You have to read the questions carefully and click on the correct option. If the correct answer is clicked (chosen), that option will turn green and if the wrong answer is clicked (chosen), that option will turn red, highlighting the correct option in green.

We cannot imagine our lives without computers. From this Online Computer Quiz, you can grasp the basic knowledge of computer (like - various commands, there respective functions, shortcut keys, etc. which provide us with time-saving features). One should be aware of these basic computer concepts to perform better and have quick hands on computers.

This Online Computer Quiz will make you familiar to such concepts and enhance your computer skills. 

Online Quiz Presented by Vineet Kumar Daruka

Online Quiz

Each question carries 1 mark.

Time allotted for each question is 15 seconds.

Presented by:- Vineet Kumar Daruka

Time's Up

Quiz Result

Total Questions:





Presented by:- Vineet Kumar Daruka


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