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Nostradamus Prophecy: Earthquake In California And Comet Will Hit The Earth In 2021


Once again, the 465-year-old predictions of French astrologer Nostradamus astounding to the world. In his book “Les Professes” he has made 6338 predictions about the world, of which 70 % have been proved to be true. His predictions are defined in verses, called ‘Quatrains’. The epidemic of covid-19 spread in 2020 is also seen to be related to the predictions of Nostradamus.

Some of his prophecy for 2021 which shock the world are: -

Comet Will Hit Earth

According to the prediction of Nostradamus, hitting of comet from Earth in a ‘Quatrain’, which will cause earthquakes and many natural disasters. This asteroid will start boiling after entering the orbit of Earth and this view will be like ‘Great Fire’ in the sky. Already, scientists of NASA have predicted the possibility of comet hitting the Earth. This time, it needs to be taken more seriously, as an asteroid named 2009 KF1 is in danger of hitting the Earth on 6 May 2021. Scientists say that the strength of this asteroid will be about 15 times higher than the nuclear bomb that was dropped by the US on Hiroshima in 1945.

Earthquake in California

According to the prediction of Nostradamus, a catastrophic earthquake will devastate the ‘New World’. California may be called its logical place, where it can occur. Even before Nostradamus’ predictions about natural disasters and tragedies have come true.

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